Foil Windsurfing: a new era of fun

Remember your first time you got into the foot straps and got into planning? Nobody forgets their first time of gliding fast with the board just touching the surface of the water. Foiling is bringing back the sensation of a new feeling, but now you are flying above water! This sensation you get from foiling is magical and is considering to be the next big thing in water sports.

Foil Windsurfing in Crete

Crete Foil is part of Gone Surfing Crete windsurf station. GSC is a windsurf station ‘at the end of the road’ in Crete Island at the east part of Crete on Kouremenos beach. We have a reputation of being ahead of the game and in providing the best possible equipment with high-quality service. We love windsurfing and we love to windsurf foil and since 2017 we are the first in Crete and one of the very few windsurf stations around the world providing Windsurf Foil equipment to our guests. Kouremenos is one of the best places for windsurfing and foil windsurf, its wind statistics are among the top of the world, the golden sandy beach and the tamarisk trees makes it the ideal place for you and your family. Foil windsurfing is also a great alternative for the off-season months where the wind is not so strong and the crowds are not here.

Why Foil windsurf?

Have you ever considered that there is another level in windsurfing that waits for you to be discovered? For the windsurfers the ‘feeling’ is one of the aspects that get us hooked in, it is what we are after and is the anticipation of this feeling that keeps us going and it is at the back of our mind during our office work. Well, that feeling got upgraded with wind foiling. The sensation of floating above water is magical and is the new challenge that will occupy your thoughts. It is a revolutionizing light wind windsurfing and also a great alternative for May and October where the wind is not so strong, but you can still go out and have fun in 6 knots with a relatively small sail. Windsurf foil just increases your time out and adds a spicy aspect to your windsurfing.

Foil Equipment and Safety

At Gone Surfing Crete we praise ourselves for the quality of our equipment, we choose the best brands to work with and we get the top of the line for you. For 2019 our boards will be the STINGRAY, the BLAST, the GECKO and STUBBY SUP from Fanatic, the HYDRO from JP, the WIZARD from Slingshot, and our foils will be from FANATIC, NEILPRYDE, SLINGSHOT, and STARBOARD which is great for learning and advancing. Also, our sails are rigged with 90% and 100% carbon masts which makes the sail very light and stable in the gusts and helps the learning process. You will also get a life vest and a helmet for your first hours on the board. With our equipment and knowledge, you will start windfoiling from 8 knots!


1h private lesson, material included: 90€

2h private lesson, material included: 160€


If you already renting equipment in our station you get a 50% discount on our foil rental